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Attribution: Chegwidden, O. S., B. Nijssen, D. E. Rupp, P. W. Mote, 2017: Hydrologic Response of the Columbia River System to Climate Change [Data set]. Zenodo. doi:10.5281/zenodo.854763.

Project report: Columbia River Management Joint Operating Committee, 2018: 2018 Climate Change Study, Part I: Hydroclimate Projections and Analyses. Available online.

Funding: This study was partly funded by the Bonneville Power Administration as part of its Technology and Innovation Program (project BPA TIP304 to the University of Washington and Oregon State University), with additional funding to the University of Washington from the United States Bureau of Reclamation and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Acknowledgements: While the data sets produced as part of this study are the responsibility of the project teams at the University of Washington and Oregon State University, many people provided input and evaluated successive data set versions. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following persons and groups: the UW Hydro | Computational Hydrology Group at the University of Washington, in particular Joe Hamman, Yixin Mao, Mu Xiao (now at UCLA), and Katie Knight; Naoki Mizukami and Martyn Clark at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Research Applications Laboratory for providing VIC model parameters; Shih-Chieh Kao, Bibi Naz, and Moetasim Ashfaq at Oak Ridge National Laboratories for providing VIC model parameters and dynamically downscaled meteorological data; Ming Pan at Princeton University for providing code and guidance for VIC model calibration; Katherine Hegewisch and John Abatzoglou at the University of Idaho for help with the MACA downscaling method; Eric Salathé for providing code and guidance for the BCSD downscaling method; the members of the technical review team, including Bruce Glabau, Kari Hay, Mariano Mezzatesta, Arun Mylvahanan, Eric Nielsen, Erik Pytlak, Nancy Stephan, and Rick van der Zweep at the Bonneville Power Administration; Pete Dickerson, Keith Duffy, Chris Frans, Jeremy Giovando, Kristian Mickelson, and Jason Ward at the United States Army Corps of Engineers; Bob Lounsbury, Jennifer Cuhaciyan, and Jennifer Johnson at the United States Bureau of Reclamation; and the participants in the many RMJOC-II Transboundary Workshops.

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Copyright 2017, UW Hydro | Computational Hydrology, University of Washington; Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, Oregon State University

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