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Near Real-time Experiments
Klamath River Basin Experiment

General Information
DEM IGBP Landcover Landcover Class

Remote sensing data used for ET estimation
Land Surface Temperature at Day Time Land Surface Temperature at Night Time LST Day view time
LST Night view time Band 31 Emissivity* Band 32 Emissivity*
Surface Reflectance Band 1 (620-670 nm) 250m Surface Reflectance Band 2 (841-876 nm) Cloud state*
Albedo_BSA_shortwave (Black Sky Albedo)* Albedo_WSA_shortwave (White Sky Albedo)*

Parameters derived from remote sensing data
NDVI Derived from MOD09GQ Cloud from GCIP SRB Tsoil max from VI-Ts diagram
Tsoil from VI-Ts diagram Tsoil min from VI-Ts diagram (Tveg, Ta)

Energy components derived from remote sensing data
Ra (extraterrest_carial radiation) Rd (incoming short-wave radiation) Ru (reflected short-wave radiation)
Ld (incoming long-wave radiation) Lu (outgoing long-wave radiation) Qsoil (available energy at soil)
Qveg (available energy at vegetation) Qday (day mean available energy) PAR (photosynthetic active radiation)
U1m (wind speed at soil) U1m (wind speed at grass/cropland) U50 (wind speed at forest_ca)

Estimated ET
EFsoil (EF at soil)  [More] ETsoil_ins (instantaneous ET at soil)  [More] ETsoil (instantaneous ET: mm/day)  [More]
EFveg (EF at vegetation)  [More] ETveg_ins (instantaneous ET at veg)  [More] ETveg (instantaneous ET: mm/day)  [More]
EFall (EF)  [More] ETall_ins (instantaneous ET)  [More] ETall (instantaneous ET: mm/day)  [More]
ETday (day mean ET: W m-2)  [More] ETday (day mean ET: mm/day)  [More]
Note: EF indicates evaporation fraction. EFsoil, EFveg and EFall is evaporation fraction at soil part, vegetation part and the entire grid cell, respectively. ETsoil_ins, ETveg_ins and ETall_ins is estimated instantaneous ET (i.e. evapotranspiration at satellite overpass time) at soil part, vegetation part and the entire grid cell, respectively. The unit of ETsoil_ins, ETveg_ins and ETall_ins is W s-2. ETsoil, ETveg and ETall shows the same estimated instantaneous ET in the unit of mm/day. ETday is estimated daily ET (W s-2 and mm/day). Click [More] to view the results in the last 20 days.

Averaged estimated ET time series in the last 20 days
ETsoil (instantaneous ET: mm/day) ETveg (instantaneous ET: mm/day) ETall (instantaneous ET: mm/day)
ETday (day mean ET: mm/day)