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SM & SWE Plots

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Current Day

The data for the current SM and SWE plots are available in tabular files that have one row of values for each grid cell. Files are provided separately for the soil moisture column total and each of the three soil layers.

The fields in each row are:
  cell center longitude
  cell center latitude
  current value (mm)
  climatological mean (mm)
  additive anomaly (mm)
  multiplicative anomaly (current % difference from mean)
  percentile (0-1)

For SWE, if the climatological mean is zero, the other values in the row are set to zero or VOID (-9999.0).

Right click on the links below to save the files, or left click to view the data.

Soil Moisture: Column Total   Layer 1   Layer 2   Layer 3 Snow Water Equivalent

Historic data

Daily historic data sets from the surface water monitor are available from our FTP site for the contiguous US for complete years since 1916. Soil moisture (sm), snow water equivalent (swe), and total moisture percentiles (stot) are provided for all five models (catchment, clm, noah_2.8, sac, vic) as well as the multimodel estimate (multimodel). Data sets are organized as one year for the contiguous US per file. The files are in NetCDF format and are compressed with bzip2.

Note that the data sets are distributed without any guarantees, express or implied.

If you use this data, please include the following citation:
Wang, A., T. J. Bohn, S. P. Mahanama, R. D. Koster, and D. P. Lettenmaier, 2009: Multimodel Ensemble Reconstruction of Drought over the Continental United States. J Climate, 22, 2694-2712, doi:10.1175/2008jcli2586.1.