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Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC)
Macroscale Hydrologic Model

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WARNING: You are viewing an old version of the VIC documentation. Please visit http://vic.readthedocs.org for the most current documentation.

The VIC Model

VIC (Liang et al., 1994) is a macroscale hydrologic model that solves full water and energy balances, originally developed by Xu Liang at the University of Washington. VIC is a research model and in its various forms it has been applied to most of the major river basins around the world, as well as being applied globally. The VIC model is distributed under the GNU GPL v2.0 license. If you make use of this model, please acknowledge the appropriate references listed on the references page.

Development and maintenance of the current official version of the VIC model is conducted at the University of Washington, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, under the direction of Bart Nijssen. Every new application addresses new problems and conditions which the model may not currently be able to handle, and as such the model is always under development.  The VIC model is an open source develment project, contributions from outside the University of Washington Land Surface Hydrology Group are welcome. Archived, current, beta, and development versions of the model are available via the group's GitHub repository.


VIC 4.2.0 Released, November 19, 2014

VIC release 4.2.0 contains the following new features relative to 4.1.2:

For more details, see the description of the current release.

VIC source code is now open source

VIC is now an open-source model. We encourage any users who have modified (or would like to modify) VIC, either to fix bugs or develop new features, to contact us and coordinate development work with us. The VIC model source code is archived in Git and is publicly available through GitHub. More details are available on the Model Development page. Instructions on how to use Git and GitHub for VIC development are available at https://github.com/UW-Hydro/VIC/wiki/Cookbook-for-Working-with-Git-and-VIC.

VIC administrator email account is no longer monitored

The VIC administrator email account is no longer actively monitored. Any emails to the VIC administrator will be automatically forwarded to the vic_users email list. Therefore, if you have a question about running VIC, please just email the vic_users list.

VIC 4.1.2.j Bug Fix Update Released Dec 1, 2013

Visit the VIC GitHub page to acess the code.

VIC 4.1.2.i Bug Fix Update Released Oct 1, 2013

Visit the VIC GitHub page to acess the code.

VIC 4.1.2.h Bug Fix Update Released Aug 1, 2013

Visit the "Known Issues" page to see the list of current known bugs in the release and which bugs will be fixed in each bug fix update.

0.5-degree Global VIC parameters and meteorological forcings available, April 5, 2013

Visit the "Datasets" page for more details.

VIC 4.1.2.g Bug Fix Update Released Feb 1, 2013

VIC 4.1.2.f Bug Fix Update Released Jan 8, 2013

VIC 4.1.2.e Bug Fix Update Released Nov 1, 2012

VIC 4.1.2.d Bug Fix Update Released Sep 1, 2012

VIC 4.1.2.c Bug Fix Update Released May 1, 2012

VIC 4.1.2.b Bug Fix Update Released Apr. 1, 2012

VIC 4.1.2.a Bug Fix Update Released Mar. 1, 2012

VIC 4.1.2 Released, Feb. 8, 2012

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