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Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC)
Macroscale Hydrologic Model

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WARNING: You are viewing an old version of the VIC documentation. Please visit http://vic.readthedocs.org for the most current documentation.

How to Run VIC

Running the VIC model may seem a formidable task, but approaching the task in steps will ease the process. In general, running VIC successfully involves preparation of different input files, downloading the source code, configuring output files, and entering a few commands. Once run, VIC output must be entered into a routing model in order to produce a hydrograph. A sample data set for the Stehekin Basin is available as an example in the Sample Data Sets section of the download page.

1. Modeling the Land Surface

  1. Delineating the Basin of Interest
  2. VIC Input Files
  3. VIC Modes of Operation
  4. Running VIC
  5. VIC Output Files
  6. Post-Processing

2. Creating a Hydrograph

  1. Routing Input Files
  2. Running the Routing Model
  3. Routing Output Files

Plotting Results

Tools for plotting VIC outputs, hydrographs, etc.


How to calibrate VIC and the routing model.


How to use VIC as a meteorological forcing disaggregator.



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