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Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC)
Macroscale Hydrologic Model

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WARNING: You are viewing an old version of the VIC documentation. Please visit http://vic.readthedocs.org for the most current documentation.

Open Source

We encourage any users who have modified (or would like to modify) VIC, either to fix bugs or develop new features, to contact us and coordinate development work with us. The VIC model source code is archived in Git and is publicly available through GitHub. To access the source code, visit GitHub, create an account, and visit github.com/UW-Hydro/VIC. The routing model will soon be added to the archive as well.

VIC is an open source development model and is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL).

Instructions for using Git and GitHub to access the VIC code and contribute changes are here:

Model Development

Information about the VIC codebase:

Release Naming Convention

Begining with the release of VIC 4.2, a release naming convention of VIC.MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH has been formally adopted. This naming syste was introduced by Semantic Versioning and defined as:

  1. MAJOR version: when changes are included that are not backward compatable,
  2. MINOR version: when features and new functionality are added in a backwards-compatible manner, and
  3. PATCH version: when backwards-compatible bug fixes are made.

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