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Stream Temperature Model

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Please note: The models do not come with any warrantee or guarantee. It is up to the user to ensure that the model is suitable for their application. If you decide to use the models, please acknowledge our work by referencing the relevant publications. We are very interested in receiving a copy of any manuscripts of studies in which the model is used.

Finally, if you do find bugs in the model or if you have improvements to the model code, we are interested in incorporating your suggestions and/or contributions. Please be specific, a complete and coded module that does something new or does something better is likely to be incorporated. The general suggestion that you would like a new feature will only be acted upon if it matches our own research objectives..

Source code & Test Site Data for DHSVM-RBM v.1.0 (.tar.gz)
DHSVM-RBM v.1.0 Tutorial (.pdf)
Source code & Test Site Data for VIC-RBM v.2.2 (.tar.gz)
VIC-RBM v.2.2 Tutorial (.pdf)

Last Changed by J. Yearsley : 1/12/2017