Distributed Hydrology Soil Vegetation Model



This page is intended to provide scripts, programs and extra documentation related to processing input files, output files, create maps, etc. Please, consider submitting your scripts, programs, and helpful documents to us so that all DHSVM users can benefit from them.
These programs are intended to help DHSVM users. We are not responsible for them in any way and you should always read the code before using them.

This page is under construction. many programs are available in the tutorial for the dhsvm 2.0.1 version. The programs for input processing haven't changed for the dhsvm 3.0 version in this tutorial. However the output processing programs have and will be available soon.

Processing of input files

rmhdr.scr C shell script, UNIX Remove header of ArcInfo ascii files for DEM, MASK, SOIL and VEG
Apply only once

myconvert.c ANSI C gcc -o myconvert -lm convert.c
usage: myconvert source_format(ASCII/BINARY) target_format(char, float, etc) source_file target_file number_rows number_cols

Makefile.ModelState ANSI C and C Shell Script Get it from tutorial for now, prepare an initial state.
WARNING, a spinup period is still necessary
make -f Makefile.ModelState
MakeModelStateBin InitialState.txt

MakeChannelState.c ANSI C gcc -o MakeChannelState MakeChannelState.c
Usage: MakeChannelState StreamNetworkFile stream_classR file InitialDepth Output_DateR_ String: MM.DD.YYYY.hh.mm.ss

Creates Initial Channel State. This is an updated version of the C shell script formerly provided and it does not required any editing anymore. ( Previously requiring to manually edit the width of the channels). (Nathalie Voisin 08/2006)
Sample Initial Channel State: (Channel.State.10.01.1990.03.00.00)

Add road layers Word Doc Describes steps to create road layers for your model.
Contributed by Chris Surfleet, OSU.(06/2006)

Set up of DHSVM input grids Word Doc Explain and detail set up of DHSVM input grids :
  • Watershed mask and DEM grid
  • Land cover grid
  • Soil texture grid
  • Soil depth and stream network grid
  • Contributed by Robert Mitchell and Matt Wiley. Robert Mitchell used "ArcGIS 9 on a PC which includes ArcMap and ArcInfo." He also used a " Sun workstation to compile java and C codes (and run C codes)." (07/2006)

    Processing of input files and running DHSVM 3.0 on a PC

    Please remember that we do not support any DHSVM version on Windows machines. This version might help you set up DHSVM on your machine, no guarantee.

    Everything tar file (java, AML, C, cpp, txt, Doc) Adapted AML and java scrips and .cpp ( instead of C shell scripts) for input processing
    and adapted C files for running DHSVM model on a PC, along with instructions and details of the changes
    Contributed by Charlie Luce (USDA Forest Service) (07/2006)

    Details of changes in input processing scripts Word Document Contributed by Charlie Luce (USDA Forest Service).
    Download the "Everything" tar file above to obtain the changed files. (07/2006)

    Details of the changes in DHSVM 3.0 source code Text document Contributed by Charlie Luce (USDA Forest Service).
    Download the "Everything" tar file above to obtain the changed files. (07/2006)

    Instructions when using a PC Word Document Contributed by Charlie Luce (USDA Forest Service) (07/2006)

    Executable files for input files processing link to ftp site, .exe Set up C++ library and executables files. Contributed by Charlie Luce (USDA Forest Service) (07/2006)

    File access issue? Please access to the files by going directly to the ftp site :

    Process output files

    Process output files from the mass wasting model

    Plot GMT maps

    plot_modelmap.scr C shell script, UNIX Process the MAPS output files using myconvert.c and adding the previously saved header file (tutorial), then use GMT commands to plot the map

    Create GIS maps

    UNIX commands UNIX ./programs/myconvert float ascii mapfile junk.asc ROW COL
    cat ./arcinfo/rainyhdr.txt junk.asc > arcinformat.txt

    modify the path of the files as necessary

    Last Changed: N. Voisin, May 1st 2007