The VIC model is compiled with the command "make model" and is then run with the command "vicNl -g <global_control_filename>" A sample global control file set up for dumping a full forcing data set, (while not actually running the rest of the VIC hydrologic model) is here.

Items to modify would be the time of interest for dumping the full forcing data set, the desired timestep, the names given to the soil and vegetation parameter files for the cells of interest, and the output directory. All other values should work as given in the example, when used with the gridded data on this page.


To dump the full forcing data set, a soil file needs to be created for the cells of interest. The only portions of the soil file used when running in the mode to dump full forcing data are the first four columns, this can be easily constructed for the desired grid cells:

column 1 - set to "1" to indicate VIC should use this grid cell

column 2 - sequentially numbered cell numbers

column 3 - latitude of the grid cell center

column 4 - longitude of the grid cell center

columns 5-53 - set to any integer value.

Note that 53 columns applies as long as 3 soil layers are specified in the global file. An example 4-row (4-cell) soil file is here.


This can be simply a 2-column list of the cell numbers in the soil file (as many rows as in the soil file), with a 0 following each one. An example is here.


A sample vegetation library file is included here. This does not need to be modified if used with version 4.0.3 of the VIC code.