Gridded Meteorological Data

University of Washington

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Surface Water Modeling Group

Daily Time Step 1/8-degree Gridded Meteorological Driving Data Sets:

Four different types of forcing data sets are currently available:

1) Data set from 1/1/1915 - 12/31/2006 produced using methods described by Maurer et al. (2002). Link to The data set
These data are generated by Tazebe Beyene and Drs. Dennis P Lettemaier currently for the Colorado River basin. For any questions regarding these data set contact tazebe/at/

2) Data set from 1/1/1949 - 7/31/2000 produced using methods described by Maurer et al. (2002). Link to Maurer et al. (2002) data page
These data have been extended by Drs. A. Wood and Q. Tang for a number of the western U.S. basins, and now end in 12/2005. Contact Dr. Wood at aww /at/ for the extended data.

3) Data set from 1/1/1915 - 12/31/2003 produced using methods described by Hamlet and Lettenmaier (2005). Link to Hamlet and Lettenmaier (2005) data page
Other than the different periods of record, the primary difference between the two data sets is the temporal adjustments incorporated in the Hamlet and Lettenmaier (2005) data sets that facilitate trend analysis of the gridded meteorological data sets and hydrologic simulations derived from them (see Mote et al. 2005; Hamlet et al. 2005).

4) Real-time from 1915 to the present (1-day lag) can also be obtained at 1/2 degree for the continental US, and 1/8th degree for the US west of the Mississippi and Mexico. These data are prepared using a different method. Contact Dr. A. Wood for more information.


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Hamlet A.F.,Mote P.W, Clark M.P., Lettenmaier D.P., 2005: Effects of temperature and precipitation variability on snowpack trends in the western U.S., J. of Climate (accepted)

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