Stage 1: Torne River/Kalix River


The instructions and forcings for Stage 1 of PILPS 2e are available here. The complete experiment description and instructions for modelers can be downloaded in .pdf or postscript format. Instructions last updated: July 27, 2000.

PDF format (gnu-zipped, 970 Kb)

Postscript format (gnu-zipped, 450 Kb)

A summary of the comments we received prior to release of the forcing data can be found here. All of these comments have been incorporated into the experimental design available above.

Model Forcings:

All model forcings are archived in Netcdf format, using the ALMA conventions. For help in translating Netcdf files try the ALMA software bazaar and the email discussion group.

Model forcings are available via anonymous ftp:

  • Rerun forcing data, model spin-up period (1979-88) (272 Mb)
  • Rerun forcing data, model evaluation period (1989-98) (272 Mb)

    Model forcings last updated: February 8, 2001. Original forcing data is also available:

  • Base run forcing data, model spin-up period (1979-88) (263 Mb)
  • Base run forcing data, model evaluation period (1989-98) (263 Mb)

    Other forcing files:

  • Cloud cover fraction, model evaluation period (1989-98) (56 Mb)
  • 30 arc second digital elevation model (284 Kb)
  • Mean monthly greenness index (9 Kb)
  • Soil and vegetation characteristics (56 Kb)

    Additional Information:

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    If you have questions on these instructions, check the FAQs. Questions and clarifications on the experiment instructions will be posted here as they are received. I will not necessarily email the list or update the instructions document for every clarification, so it is recommended that you check back here frequently. All participants will be notified by email in the event of a major change to procedure.

    Project Memos

    A record of the emailed announcements and additional instructions for the stage 1 experiment have been archived, as follows:

    If you have any remaining questions, please contact Laura Bowling.

    Documentation Forms:

    The Stage 1 experiment questionnaire is ready for distribution. The questions are aimed at improving our ability to discuss differences in model performance based on differences in model structure and/or implementation.

    A summary of the survey results will be posted as they are received.

    The questionnaire is available in three formats:


    We are currently collecting the final submissions from a few remaining models. Analysis of the results and preparation of journal articles is on-going, with a projected completion data of September 2001. (Updated June 2001)

    Laura Bowling
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